ZHUANG ZHE (CHUANG CHE) 87-49 Diptych Attracts HK$300,000 Bid at Christie's

ZHUANG ZHE (CHUANG CHE) 87-49 Diptych Attracts HK$300,000 Bid at Christie's

A striking diptych by acclaimed artist Zhuang Zhe (Chuang Che) is currently on auction at Christie's, with a latest bid of HK$300,000. This two-panel masterpiece, created in 1987, features a captivating blend of acrylic and oil on canvas. Measuring 101 x 263 cm, the artwork showcases the artist's unique style and expert craftsmanship.

Each panel of the diptych is inscribed and signed by Zhuang Zhe, adding to its authenticity and artistic value. The reverse side of both panels displays the title of the artwork, further enhancing its appeal to art enthusiasts and collectors.

The stunning composition and intricate details of this piece demonstrate Zhuang Zhe's mastery in combining different mediums to create visually captivating artworks. The vibrant colors and textures evoke a sense of depth and movement that brings the painting to life.

Collectors have an opportunity to own this extraordinary piece as it remains open for bidding until March 6, 2024. With no bids placed thus far, there is ample room for interested buyers to place their offers on this remarkable diptych.

Christie's renowned reputation as an esteemed auction house adds prestige to this event. Known for hosting sales of exceptional artworks from around the world, Christie's ensures a secure platform for art enthusiasts to acquire significant pieces like this one.

The current bid of HK$300,000 reflects the desirability and value of Zhuang Zhe's 87-49 Diptych. As bidding continues, art enthusiasts eagerly await to see who will secure this remarkable artwork that showcases the artist's unique vision and undeniable talent.

In conclusion, Zhuang Zhe's 87-49 Diptych has garnered attention at Christie's auction with a high bid of HK$300,000. This extraordinary artwork, combining acrylic and oil on canvas, showcases the artist's mastery and creative brilliance. With its inscriptions, signature, and titled reverse side, this diptych offers collectors and art enthusiasts an opportunity to own a significant piece of contemporary art history. The auction at Christie's provides a reputable platform for potential buyers to participate in acquiring this captivating work of art.

ZHUANG ZHE (CHUANG CHE) (B. 1934) | 87-49 (Diptych)

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : HK$300,000

Auction End : Mar 06, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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