Wood and Rock by Qu Ziye on Auction at Christie's with HK$20,000 Current Bid

Wood and Rock by Qu Ziye on Auction at Christie's with HK$20,000 Current Bid

Qu Ziye's exquisite artwork, "Wood and Rock," is currently up for auction at Christie's. This hanging scroll, made with ink on silk and measuring 136 x 30.5 cm (53 1/2 x 12 in.), showcases the artist's mastery of technique and aesthetics.

Inscribed and signed by Qu Ziye himself, the artwork bears one seal of the artist. Its captivating composition and meticulous brushwork demonstrate the artist's skillful interpretation of nature. The wood and rock elements depicted provide a harmonious balance between solidity and fluidity.

As of now, the current bid for this remarkable piece stands at HK$20,000. With its rich cultural significance and artistic value, it is no surprise that enthusiasts are eagerly participating in the bidding process at one of the world's most renowned auction houses.

Bidders have been captivated by Qu Ziye's ability to translate his profound appreciation for nature onto silk through ink painting. Each stroke reflects his deep understanding of the beauty found in simplicity, making "Wood and Rock" an exceptional addition to any art collection.

Art connoisseurs have recognized Qu Ziye as a leading figure in Chinese painting from the late Qing dynasty. His works are highly sought after for their aesthetic appeal and historical significance. By acquiring this masterpiece, collectors not only celebrate Qu Ziye's legacy but also secure a noteworthy investment.

Don't miss your chance to own this extraordinary artwork by placing your bids before the auction closes on March 6, 2024. Expand your collection with a piece that encapsulates centuries of artistic heritage – register now to participate in this prestigious event at Christie's.

QU ZIYE(1780-1849) | Wood and Rock

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : HK$20,000

Auction End : Mar 06, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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