Vintage Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master 1675: A Timeless Classic for $22,495

Vintage Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master 1675: A Timeless Classic for $22,495

The Vintage Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master 1675 is a true gem from the past. With its sleek stainless steel case and black glossy dial, this watch exudes sophistication and style. Made in 1966, this timepiece holds a rich history within its automatic movement.

Designed for men, the GMT-Master 1675 features a Tritium lume on its dial, allowing for easy legibility even in low light conditions. The stainless steel fold over Jubilee bracelet adds to the overall elegance of the watch, making it a perfect accessory for any occasion.

Listed by Bob's Watches, this vintage beauty comes with their one-year warranty and a presentation box. In addition, they offer a return policy that allows customers to return the watch within three days if not completely satisfied.

Upon examination, it is evident that this GMT-Master is in great vintage condition. Although it shows signs of wear consistent with its age, the case remains strong and sturdy. The red back bezel has retained its vibrant colors with only light wear and scratches.

One of the notable features of this timepiece is the correct date wheel with closed 6s and hooked 7s. This attention to detail adds to the authenticity and charm of the watch.

With a list price of $22,495, the Vintage Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master 1675 represents an investment worth considering for any watch enthusiast or collector. Its timeless design and historical significance make it a valuable asset that will only appreciate in value over time.

In conclusion, the Vintage Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master 1675 offers both style and substance. From its automatic movement to its sleek stainless steel case, every aspect of this watch exudes quality craftsmanship. Whether worn as an everyday accessory or saved for special occasions, this vintage timepiece is sure to impress with its timeless appeal.

Vintage Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master 1675

Platform : Bobs Watches

Price : $22,495

Source : Bobs Watches

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