Unique Animatronic Wolf from BBC's Dracula Available for £1,995 on the Secondary Market

Unique Animatronic Wolf from BBC's Dracula Available for £1,995 on the Secondary Market

Dracula fans have the opportunity to own a piece of television history with the sale of the animatronic wolf used in the popular BBC TV mini-series. This one-of-a-kind prop, featured in the show's first episode, showcases Dracula's transformation from wolf to humanoid form. Created by special makeup effects designers Dave and Lou Elsey, the animatronic wolf is operated using a hand lever and twitches its legs and feet when in action. The prop, made of wood, fibreglass, ferrous metals, rubber, and man-made wove materials, remains in excellent production-used condition despite some wear from use on set.

The star of the show, Claes Bang, emerged from the cavity in the wolf's chest along with contortionists playing Dracula in his deformed state. The cavity is sealed with plastic to prevent collapsing and features exposed latex innards covered in stage blood. The wooden board on which the wolf lies is also drenched in stage blood for added dramatic effect. While there are signs of wear such as matted hair and dirt from congealed stage blood, dust, and sand on set, overall this unique piece remains an exceptional collectible.

Listed at £1,995 on Propstore, this animatronic wolf offers fans a chance to bring home a tangible piece of Dracula's dark world. With its intricate details and connection to a popular television series, this prop is sure to be a conversation starter for any collector or fan of gothic horror. Don't miss your opportunity to own this iconic artifact that captures the chilling essence of Dracula's dead transformation scene.

Whether you're an avid collector or simply appreciate unique pieces of artistry from beloved films and TV shows, this animatronic wolf is a must-have addition to any collection. Its significance as a prop from the acclaimed Dracula series adds to its allure, and the attention to detail in its creation by special makeup effects designers Dave and Lou Elsey is truly impressive. With its ability to be operated and its twitching legs and feet, this animatronic wolf brings the scene from the show to life in a spine-chilling way.

In conclusion, the availability of Dracula's dead transformation wolf on the secondary market provides an exciting opportunity for fans of the series or collectors looking for unique pieces of television history. Priced at £1,995, this prop offers a tangible connection to the dark world of Dracula and showcases the incredible craftsmanship behind its creation. Don't miss out on owning this exceptional piece that captures the unforgettable moment when Dracula emerges from his lupine form.

DRACULA (2020-2020) - Dracula's (Claes Bang) Dead Transformation Wolf

Platform : Propstore

Price : £1,995

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