Tennis Bracelet with 1.60 ct Diamonds Reaches High Bid of 11,111 kr at Bukowskis Auction

Tennis Bracelet with 1.60 ct Diamonds Reaches High Bid of 11,111 kr at Bukowskis Auction

A stunning tennis bracelet made of 18K gold with round brilliant-cut diamonds is attracting attention at the ongoing auction on Bukowskis. With a total diamond weight of approximately 1.60 ct and an F color grade, this elegant piece measures around 18 cm in length and weighs 7.7 g. Despite its insignificant wear, it continues to captivate bidders with its timeless appeal.

As the auction progresses towards its end on February 17, 2024, the current bid stands at an impressive 11,111 kr. This figure reflects the growing interest and appreciation for this exquisite piece of jewelry among collectors and enthusiasts alike. With four bids already recorded, it is evident that this tennis bracelet has sparked competitive bidding.

The auction house, Bukowskis, renowned for offering a wide range of high-quality items to discerning buyers, has showcased this gem among their exquisite collection. Known for their expertise and trusted reputation in the art market, Bukowskis provides a platform for inpiduals seeking exceptional pieces like this tennis bracelet.

Crafted with finesse and precision, this tennis bracelet exudes elegance and sophistication. Its dazzling diamonds are expertly set within the 18K gold links, creating a seamless flow of radiance when worn on the wrist. With its versatile design and impeccable craftsmanship, this piece is sure to make a refined addition to any jewelry collection.

As the auction draws closer to its conclusion, anticipation builds as buyers eagerly compete for the opportunity to adorn themselves or their loved ones with such a remarkable treasure. The increasing bid count underscores the allure and desirability of this tennis bracelet.

With its remarkable beauty and quality construction, it comes as no surprise that this tennis bracelet has garnered significant attention at the Bukowskis auction. As time ticks away towards the auction's end, bidders eagerly await to see who will claim this stunning piece for themselves.

Tennis bracelet 18K gold with round brilliant-cut diamonds

Platform : Bukowskis

Latest Bid : 11,111 kr

Number of Bids : 4

Auction End : Feb 17, 2024

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Source : Bukowskis

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