Stunning Stunt Armour and Tunic from King Arthur (2004) Now Available for £1,495

Stunning Stunt Armour and Tunic from King Arthur (2004) Now Available for £1,495

The action-adventure film King Arthur, directed by Antoine Fuqua, has left a lasting impact on cinema enthusiasts. Now, fans of the movie have a unique opportunity to own a piece of this epic tale with Bors' (Ray Winstone) stunt armour and tunic. This remarkable set, currently available on Propstore, is priced at £1,495.

Crafted from firm rubber and plastic materials, this ensemble allowed the actor to maintain the same appearance as the hero metal version while ensuring comfort and mobility during intense battle scenes. The set includes a full upper body chest and back piece complete with skirts, leather straps, and laces. It also features gauntlets and greaves marked 'Bors' inside, showcasing its authenticity. A grey cotton tunic with an ‘Academy Costumes’ label inside completes this comprehensive collection.

While no sizes are marked due to their custom-made nature for the actor, these pieces exhibit signs of use on set and are in a well-used condition. This adds an extra layer of character to these iconic items from the film.

The final scenes of King Arthur depict an intense clash between Romans and Woads against invading Saxon warriors. Owning Bors' stunt armour and tunic allows fans to relive these thrilling moments while appreciating the craftsmanship behind them. The rubber, plastic, and man-made woven fibers used in creating these pieces ensure their durability over time.

For collectors or those passionate about cinematic history, this offering presents a unique opportunity to own a tangible piece of King Arthur's legacy. With its affordable price tag of £1,495 on Propstore, acquiring Bors' stunt armour and tunic will undoubtedly make any fan's heart race with excitement.

Don't miss out on this chance to bring home a captivating cultural asset from King Arthur (2004). Immerse yourself in the world of brave warriors and epic battles as you proudly display this iconic ensemble in your personal collection.

KING ARTHUR (2004) - Bors' (Ray Winstone) Stunt Armour and Tunic

Platform : Propstore

Price : £1,495

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