Stunning King Arthur Stunt Armour and Tunic Available for £1,495

Stunning King Arthur Stunt Armour and Tunic Available for £1,495

Bors' (Ray Winstone) iconic stunt armour and tunic from the thrilling 2004 film, King Arthur, is now up for grabs. This impressive set, made from rubber, plastic, and man-made woven fibers, allows you to own a piece of cinematic history. Crafted to provide comfort without sacrificing authenticity, the armor includes a full upper body chest and back piece with skirts, leather straps, and laces. Completing the ensemble are gauntlets and greaves marked 'Bors' inside. The set also comes with a gray cotton tunic featuring an Academy Costumes label bearing the name 'Bors.' With evidence of on-set use, this well-loved collectible is available through Propstore at a list price of £1,495.

The Bors' stunt armor offers fans the opportunity to relive the epic final scenes of Antoine Fuqua's King Arthur. In these moments, Romans bravely face off against invading Saxon warriors in an unforgettable battle that showcases both strength and determination. As you slip into this remarkable ensemble, you'll feel connected to the film's intense energy and raw emotion.

Crafted specifically for Ray Winstone's portrayal of Bors in the film, this custom-made set perfectly captures his character's essence. While lacking specific size markings due to its tailor-made nature, this stunning armor reflects its well-used condition from filming. Each component is expertly constructed from firm rubber and plastic materials—offering durability while ensuring ease of movement during action-packed sequences.

This remarkable cultural asset holds immense value for collectors or enthusiasts seeking a unique piece from one of Hollywood's most captivating films. The King Arthur stunt armor not only embodies historical significance but also represents the creativity and craftsmanship behind creating believable worlds on-screen.

Don't miss your chance to own this extraordinary piece—one that transports you to the mythical realm of King Arthur and the courageous Romans. With its rich history and undeniable cinematic allure, Bors' stunt armor is a must-have for any fan of the film or avid collector. Experience the thrill and excitement of King Arthur with this remarkable cultural asset today.

In summary, the Bors' stunt armor and tunic from King Arthur is an exceptional find for fans of the film or collectors looking to own a piece of cinematic history. With its expert craftsmanship, historical significance, and iconic appearance, this well-loved set is available through Propstore at a list price of £1,495. Don't miss this opportunity to bring the epic tale of King Arthur into your own personal collection.

KING ARTHUR (2004) - Bors' (Ray Winstone) Stunt Armour and Tunic

Platform : Propstore

Price : £1,495

Source : Propstore

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