Startling Terror Tales #11 Comic Fetches Impressive $14,558 Bid on Goldin Auction House

Startling Terror Tales #11 Comic Fetches Impressive $14,558 Bid on Goldin Auction House

A highly sought-after comic book, Startling Terror Tales #11 (1952 Star), is currently up for auction on Goldin. The CGC-graded copy has received a commendable rating of 7.0, with cream to off-white pages (CGC 1006110001). Out of all the examples documented by CGC's census report, only 14 copies have achieved a higher grade.

The comic, published by Star in July 1952, features the iconic L.B. Cole classic cover that collectors admire. It's worth noting that two logo variations exist—one in blue and another in black.

As the auction deadline looms closer on February 17, 2024, bidding has already reached an impressive amount of $14,558. So far, nine enthusiastic bidders have vied for this highly coveted pre-code horror gem.

Potential buyers are captivated by both the rarity and quality of this particular issue. The lure lies not only in its condition but also in its historical significance as a prime example of pre-code horror comics from the early '50s.

Experts suggest that securing a copy like this would be an exceptional addition to any comic book collector's repertoire. However, it is important to remember that the population report cited may change over time due to new discoveries or alterations in grading standards.

Comic enthusiasts eagerly await the final bid results as collectors across the world engage in spirited competition for the prestigious Startling Terror Tales #11. With its outstanding grade and iconic cover art by L.B. Cole, it is no wonder why this piece has become such a valuable item on Goldin's auction platform.

Startling Terror Tales #11 (1952 Star) - CGC 7.0 - Pre-Code Horror, L.B. Cole Classic Cover

Platform : Goldin

Latest Bid : $14,558

Number of Bids : 9

Auction End : Feb 17, 2024

Source : Goldin

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