Sir Christopher Lee's Personal Annotated Script from Orson Welles' Moby Dick Play Available for £2,495

Sir Christopher Lee's Personal Annotated Script from Orson Welles' Moby Dick Play Available for £2,495

Legendary actor Sir Christopher Lee's personal script from Orson Welles' iconic production, Moby Dick-Rehearsed, is now on the market. The two-act stage play ran at London's Duke of York's Theatre from 16th June to 9th July, 1955. This unique artifact is bound in a black-and-dark green leather springback binder and features Lee's signature on the first page. With annotations throughout, including stage diagrams and crossed-out dialogue, this script offers a fascinating glimpse into the creative process. Despite signs of wear and age, such as marks and small rips, it remains in excellent condition overall. The asking price for this cultural asset is £2,495.

This rare find allows enthusiasts to own a piece of theatrical history while appreciating the artistry behind Sir Christopher Lee's performance in Moby Dick-Rehearsed. The play itself was a captivating adaptation of Herman Melville's classic novel and received critical acclaim during its run in London over six decades ago.

The personal script showcases Sir Christopher Lee's dedication to his craft and provides insight into his interpretation of the character he portrayed on stage. With green ink diagrams illustrating stage positions and red ink crossings indicating alterations to the dialogue, it becomes evident that Lee fully immersed himself in bringing this timeless story to life.

Despite the passing years, this script has stood the test of time admirably well. While some pages display marks and small tears along their edges due to age and handling, they serve as a testament to its authenticity. The cover shows minimal scuffing and scratching but remains remarkably intact.

Propstore presents this remarkable cultural asset for those who appreciate theatrical memorabilia and seek a tangible connection with history. A fusion of paper, ferrous metals used in the binder mechanism, leather binding, and card for the cover, this script embodies the craftsmanship and materials of its era.

The availability of Sir Christopher Lee's personal annotated script from Moby Dick-Rehearsed provides a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Its historical significance and connection to one of cinema's most celebrated actors make it a coveted piece for any discerning collector. With an asking price of £2,495, this artifact offers an extraordinary chance to own a tangible slice of theatrical history while paying homage to the talent and legacy of Sir Christopher Lee.

MOBY DICK PLAY (1955) - Sir Christopher Lee's Personal Annotated Script

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Price : £2,495

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