Rolls-Royce Corniche V Convertible: A Timeless Classic at £129,950

Rolls-Royce Corniche V Convertible: A Timeless Classic at £129,950

The Rolls-Royce Corniche V Convertible is an iconic vehicle that holds a special place in the history of the prestigious marque. With only 374 examples ever produced, this particular model is a rare find in superb condition. Boasting a mere 16,000 miles on the odometer, it exudes elegance and luxury from every angle.

Dressed in a stunning Silver Pearl exterior paired with a Stratos Grey leather interior, this Corniche V Convertible is truly a sight to behold. Its timeless design pays homage to the traditional coach-built Rolls-Royce convertibles of yesteryears. As one of the last models developed under Volkswagen ownership, it carries with it a unique blend of classic charm and modern styling.

Originally launched in 1999, the Corniche V Convertible was based on the Azure but featured the sleeker design elements of the Silver Seraph. This distinctive combination resulted in a vehicle that captured the essence of Rolls-Royce's craftsmanship and attention to detail. It stands as a testament to the marque's commitment to producing exceptional automobiles.

Now available on Classic Driver for £129,950, this Rolls-Royce Corniche V Convertible presents an opportunity for discerning collectors and enthusiasts alike. With its limited production numbers and impeccable condition, it is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Whether enjoyed as an investment or cherished as a prized possession, this cultural asset promises an unparalleled driving experience.

In conclusion, the Rolls-Royce Corniche V Convertible encapsulates everything that makes Rolls-Royce an enduring symbol of luxury and sophistication. Its rarity, timeless design, and impeccable craftsmanship make it a highly desirable vehicle among collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. The opportunity to own such an iconic piece of automotive history should not be missed.

2000 Rolls-Royce Corniche V  - V Convertible

Platform : Classic Driver

Price : £129,950

Source : Classic Driver

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