ROBIN HOOD (2018) - Guy of Gisbourne's Long Sword Now Available for £1,295

ROBIN HOOD (2018) - Guy of Gisbourne's Long Sword Now Available for £1,295

Guy of Gisbourne’s iconic long sword from the 2018 adaptation of Robin Hood is now available on the market. This remarkable piece features a metal blade, hilt, and pommel, with a leather-wrapped handle. The accompanying scabbard is made of wood and covered in leather, complete with waist strapping for easy wearing. Distressed to appear well used, this sword adds a touch of authenticity to any collection. Crafted from ferrous metals, leather, and wood, it remains in excellent condition despite additional scuffing and scratches. Don't miss your chance to own this historic cultural asset.

The long-awaited opportunity has arrived for fans of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood to own a tangible piece of cinematic history. The ROBIN HOOD (2018) - Guy of Gisbourne's Long Sword is now being offered on the secondary market at an enticing price of £1,295 by Propstore.

This exceptional weapon played a significant role in Otto Bathurst's 2018 adaptation of the classic tale. Carried by the formidable Guy of Gisbourne, portrayed by Paul Anderson, throughout the film, this long sword exudes power and elegance.

Constructed with meticulous attention to detail, the sword boasts a durable metal blade that seamlessly transitions into an expertly crafted hilt and pommel. Its handle is wrapped in supple leather for optimal grip during intense combat scenes. To complete its authenticity, a wooden scabbard covered in high-quality leather accompanies the blade. This practical addition includes leather strapping so that it can be comfortably worn around the waist.

Although intentionally distressed to create an appearance of age and use, this remarkable artifact remains in excellent condition overall. While exhibiting minor scuffs and scratches acquired during its on-screen adventures as Guy of Gisbourne's trusted weapon, it is a testament to the expert craftsmanship and durability of its materials.

Crafted from ferrous metals, leather, and wood, this cultural asset embodies the essence of Robin Hood's legendary exploits. Whether displayed as a focal point in a collector's showcase or wielded during reenactments, this sword offers an opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history that will undoubtedly spark conversations and captivate all who lay eyes upon it.

In conclusion, the ROBIN HOOD (2018) - Guy of Gisbourne's Long Sword presents a remarkable chance for enthusiasts and collectors alike to acquire an iconic piece from the beloved tale. With its undeniable charm and exceptional craftsmanship, this cultural asset stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Robin Hood. Don't miss your chance to bring home this extraordinary artifact that embodies the spirit of adventure and justice.

So don't hesitate; immerse yourself in the world of Robin Hood with this extraordinary long sword. Transform your collection into a treasure trove of historical significance, where legends come alive through tangible artifacts like these. Act now before this opportunity vanishes like an arrow shot into Sherwood Forest at twilight.

ROBIN HOOD (2018) - Guy of Gisboure's (Paul Anderson) Long Sword

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Price : £1,295

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