Richebourg 2016 Domaine A. F. Gros: High Bid of £1,200 at Sotheby's Auction

Richebourg 2016 Domaine A. F. Gros: High Bid of £1,200 at Sotheby's Auction

A prestigious bottle of Richebourg 2016 Domaine A. F. Gros is currently up for auction at Sotheby's with a high bid of £1,200. This exceptional wine hails from Côte de Nuits, a renowned region in Burgundy known for producing top-notch Grand Cru wines.

Part of an exquisite collection curated by a prominent British private collector, this auction features an array of modern icons from around the world. Notable names such as Rousseau, Roumier, and Leflaive join forces with treasures from Colin-Morey, Fourrier, and Vincent Dancer to form an extraordinary lineup.

Stored meticulously in professional and bonded storage facilities with optimal temperature control, this bottle has had its provenance upheld by being exclusively purchased from reputable UK merchants. With Octavian in Wiltshire serving as its current home in "lying" position (horizontal orientation), the wine has been preserved to ensure its quality remains intact.

Bidders have until March 15th, 2024 to compete for this exceptional offering. Whether you're a connoisseur seeking a fine addition to your cellar or an admirer of the world's best wines, don't miss the opportunity to participate in this illustrious auction hosted by Sotheby's.

Please note that additional charges may apply beyond the bid price for shipping, taxes, or import fees. Ensure you read all terms and conditions regarding purchase details before committing to bidding.

Take part in the event and seize the chance to own a piece of vinous excellence from one of the most prestigious auction houses in the world.

Richebourg 2016 Domaine A. F. Gros (3 BT)

Platform : Sotheby's

Latest Bid : £1,200

Number of Bids : 1

Auction End : Mar 15, 2024

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Source : Sotheby's

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