Record-Breaking MAD #1 Comic Hits the Market at $115,000

Record-Breaking MAD #1 Comic Hits the Market at $115,000

A significant cultural asset has just hit the market, captivating collectors with its historic value and exceptional quality. Known as MAD (1952-2018) #1, this comic book masterpiece is a true gem for enthusiasts and investors alike. With its outstanding attributes and impressive pedigree, it's no wonder that this prized item has caught the attention of discerning buyers.

MAD #1 boasts an impeccable appearance, featuring pristine ow/white pages that have been carefully preserved over time. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and QES certification, this extraordinary piece is a testament to its authenticity and value. Notably, it showcases preferred staple placement, a beautiful spine, and a striking color combination of blue and yellow.

What truly sets this comic apart is its remarkable rarity. With only one issue graded higher than this historic first edition, collectors are vying for the opportunity to own such an iconic piece of comics history. The cover, expertly crafted by Kurtzman himself, adds to the allure of this cultural asset.

The artistic genius behind MAD #1 extends beyond its captivating cover art. Inside its pages lie the works of Wood and Davis – two acclaimed artists renowned for their contributions to the comic book industry during the period spanning from October to November 1952. Their talent breathes life into every panel, making each page an immersive experience for readers.

This particular copy holds an impressive COMIC BOOK IMPACT rating of 9 (CBI), further solidifying its significance within the world of comics. Additionally, it proudly bears the Gaines File Copy distinction – a testament to its provenance as part of William Gaines' personal collection.

Comic Connect serves as the platform through which this extraordinary cultural asset is being made available to collectors worldwide. Priced at $115,000 on the secondary market, MAD #1 represents a rare opportunity to own a piece of literary history that transcends time.

As the excitement surrounding this exceptional asset continues to grow, collectors and enthusiasts are keeping a close eye on its journey through the market. With its unique blend of historical importance, artistic brilliance, and rarity, MAD #1 stands as a testament to the enduring power and influence of comics in popular culture.

MAD (1952-2018) #1

Platform : Comic Connect

Price : $115,000

Source : Comic Connect

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