Pu Ru Calligraphy in Running Script Auctioned at Christie's with HK$30,000 Latest Bid

Pu Ru Calligraphy in Running Script Auctioned at Christie's with HK$30,000 Latest Bid

A stunning piece of calligraphy in running script by Pu Ru, a renowned artist from 20th-century China, is currently up for auction at Christie's. The scroll, mounted for framing and crafted with ink on gold-flecked red paper, measures 34.3 x 92.5 cm (13 1/2 x 36 3/8 in.). Signed by the artist himself, this masterpiece showcases the beauty and skill of Pu Ru's calligraphic artistry.

With the auction set to end on March 6, 2024, the latest bid for this exceptional artwork stands at HK$30,000. Although no previous bids have been made as of now, the captivating allure and historical significance of Pu Ru's work are sure to attract interest from art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Pu Ru was widely regarded as one of the most talented calligraphers and painters of his time. His mastery of running script exemplifies his profound understanding of brushwork and artistic expression. This particular piece captures Pu Ru's distinctive style, showcasing fluid strokes that create a harmonious rhythm as they glide across the paper.

The combination of ink on gold-flecked red paper adds a touch of elegance and opulence to this artwork. The intricate details and meticulous execution demonstrate Pu Ru's dedication to preserving traditional Chinese calligraphy while adding his own artistic flair.

As an esteemed auction house, Christie's provides an excellent platform for collectors to acquire rare and distinguished artworks such as this extraordinary piece by Pu Ru. With its impeccable provenance and exceptional quality, it is no surprise that bidding has already reached HK$30,000.

If you're passionate about Chinese calligraphy or fascinated by works that epitomize cultural heritage, don't miss this opportunity to own a prized creation by Pu Ru. Visit Christie's website to participate in the auction and potentially add this remarkable piece of artwork to your collection.

PU RU (1896-1963) | Calligraphy in Running Script

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : HK$30,000

Auction End : Mar 06, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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