Price Tag: $21,500! Marvel's Incredible Hulk #181 Hits the Market, Featuring 1st Full Wolverine Appearance

Price Tag: $21,500! Marvel's Incredible Hulk #181 Hits the Market, Featuring 1st Full Wolverine Appearance

The highly coveted cultural asset from 1962-99, Incredible Hulk #181, is making waves in the comic book world. With its impressive prime focal area and sharp corners, this gem boasts a deep color strike of red, yellow, and green. But what truly sets it apart is the first full appearance of Wolverine, a true game-changer for Marvel fans.

Certified by QES and with white pages that add to its allure, this edition also comes with a Marvel Value Stamp #54 featuring Shanna. Herb Trimpe's remarkable cover and art further enhance this masterpiece's appeal. Notably, this comic book has received a Comic Book Impact (CBI) rating of 10.

Listed on Comic Connect, an established secondary market for collectors worldwide, this iconic cultural asset comes with a price tag of $21,500. While it may be considered an investment by some, others view it as an opportunity to own a piece of comic book history.

Incredible Hulk #181 is not just any ordinary comic book; it represents the birth of one of Marvel's most beloved characters. The debut appearance of Wolverine has stood the test of time and holds immense significance among avid readers and collectors alike.

This cultural asset showcases the remarkable talent of Herb Trimpe as both cover artist and interior illustrator. His attention to detail brings the pages to life while capturing the intensity and power of these iconic characters.

For collectors who appreciate quality craftsmanship alongside historical significance, Incredible Hulk #181 delivers on all fronts. Its immaculate condition combined with its rarity makes it a prized possession for any discerning collector looking to add a touch of Marvel magic to their collection.

In conclusion, the arrival of Incredible Hulk #181 on the market presents an extraordinary opportunity for enthusiasts seeking an exceptional addition to their collection. With its first full Wolverine appearance, stunning artwork by Herb Trimpe, and a Comic Book Impact rating of 10, this timeless treasure is a testament to the enduring legacy of Marvel. Now available on Comic Connect for $21,500, it is an investment that promises both aesthetic pleasure and potential appreciation in value for years to come.

INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-99) #181

Platform : Comic Connect

Price : $21,500

Source : Comic Connect

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