Platinum Audemars Piguet Wristwatch Fetches HK$110,000 at Sotheby's Auction

Platinum Audemars Piguet Wristwatch Fetches HK$110,000 at Sotheby's Auction

A platinum wristwatch by Audemars Piguet has attracted a high bid of HK$110,000 at an ongoing auction hosted by renowned auction house Sotheby's. The Tradition Reference 15160PT.OO.A092CR.01 timepiece is estimated to be from around 2013 and features a silvered dial with a calibre 2120 automatic movement comprising 36 jewels. With a case made of platinum and a sapphire crystal display back secured by eight screws, this elegant watch measures 43 mm in width.

The brown Audemars Piguet alligator strap adds an extra touch of sophistication and is completed with a platinum buckle. The lot includes additional accessories such as the Audemars Piguet Warranty, instruction manual, and presentation box. Its authenticity is guaranteed, making it an appealing purchase for avid collectors.

With its sleek design and exquisite craftsmanship, this Audemars Piguet wristwatch exemplifies luxury and style. Currently holding the title of "High Bid" at HK$110,000, this timepiece has garnered significant attention from bidders. As the auction comes to a close on January 31, 2024, collectors have their eyes set on acquiring this exceptional piece.

Investors and watch enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the final result as Sotheby's continues to host this prestigious event. With its reputation for curating exceptional timepieces, Sotheby's ensures that bidders have access to remarkable items like the platinum Audemars Piguet wristwatch in question. Offering both elegance and functionality, this watch is poised to become a prized possession for its future owner.

As the bidding count reaches three bids for this sought-after item, anticipation continues to build among aficionados who recognize the enduring value of such luxurious timepieces. Whether acquired as an investment or a treasured addition to a personal collection, this platinum Audemars Piguet wristwatch represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and refinement.

In conclusion, the bidding for the Audemars Piguet Tradition Reference 15160PT.OO.A092CR.01 platinum wristwatch at Sotheby's auction has reached HK$110,000. This exceptional timepiece showcases Audemars Piguet's commitment to precision and elegance, making it a desirable acquisition for watch connoisseurs in search of enduring beauty and sophistication.

Tradition, Reference 15160PT.OO.A092CR.01 | A platinum wristwatch, Circa 2013 | 愛彼 | Tradition 型號15160PT.OO.A092CR.01 | 鉑金腕錶,約2013年製

Platform : Sotheby's

Latest Bid : HK$110,000

Number of Bids : 3

Auction End : Jan 31, 2024

Source : Sotheby's

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