Paladin Stun Rod from Jumper (2008) Hits the Market with $1,965 Price Tag

Paladin Stun Rod from Jumper (2008) Hits the Market with $1,965 Price Tag

A unique piece of movie history is now available to collectors and enthusiasts alike. The Paladin stun rod from Doug Liman's sci-fi adventure Jumper has made its way onto the secondary market, listed at a price of $1,965. This stun rod played a crucial role in the film, used by Roland Cox's Paladins to track down teleporters David Rice and Griffin.

Constructed with a combination of static metal, resin, and leatherette, this stun rod showcases intricate details that add to its charm. The gray handle is adorned with beautifully engraved gryphons and lions, while a striking two-faced eagle totem sits atop it. Despite showing signs of production use such as paint chipping on the body, this asset remains in excellent overall condition.

For fans of the movie or those intrigued by unique collectibles, this Paladin stun rod offers an extraordinary opportunity. Its association with Jumper and its memorable characters adds an undeniable appeal to this piece. Whether displayed as part of a collection or used as an eye-catching conversation starter, owning this stun rod allows fans to bring a touch of cinematic magic into their lives.

Propstore serves as the platform for acquiring this cultural asset. Known for their extensive collection of movie memorabilia, Propstore connects collectors with exclusive pieces like the Paladin stun rod from Jumper (2008). With their reputation for authenticity and attention to detail when it comes to sourcing items directly from film productions, buyers can be confident in the quality and value offered by Propstore.

As avid fans know, opportunities like these do not come around often. The chance to own an iconic prop from such a beloved film is truly special. Whether purchased for personal enjoyment or as an investment piece that may appreciate over time, the Paladin stun rod from Jumper (2008) presents a captivating opportunity for movie enthusiasts and collectors alike.

In conclusion, the Paladin stun rod from Jumper (2008) is now available on the secondary market. With a list price of $1,965, this unique piece of movie memorabilia offers fans the chance to bring a touch of cinematic magic into their lives. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to own a prop associated with the thrilling world of Jumper.

JUMPER (2008) - Paladin Stun Rod

Platform : Propstore

Price : $1,965

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