Pair of 'USA 75' Armchairs by Folke Ohlsson at Bukowskis with Current Bid of 12,000 kr

Pair of 'USA 75' Armchairs by Folke Ohlsson at Bukowskis with Current Bid of 12,000 kr

The auction house Bukowskis is currently offering a pair of 'USA 75' armchairs by renowned designer Folke Ohlsson. These iconic pieces from the 1960s feature a walnut frame and velvet upholstery on loose cushions. With a seat height of 40 cm and overall height of 70 cm, they offer both comfort and style.

While these armchairs show some signs of wear, including marks, minor stains, and partially faded fabric, they remain in good condition overall. However, it's worth noting that the rubber webbing is loose and may require attention.

At the time of writing, there have been three bids on these armchairs, with the latest bid reaching an amount of 12,000 kr. With the auction set to end on March 5, 2024, there is still an opportunity for interested buyers to make their move.

Folke Ohlsson's designs are highly sought after for their timeless appeal and craftsmanship. The 'USA 75' armchairs exemplify his signature style and attention to detail. This is a rare chance to acquire a piece of mid-century modern design history.

If you're interested in adding these exquisite armchairs to your collection or enhancing your living space with a touch of elegance, be sure to place your bid before the auction comes to a close. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a pair of stylish armchairs by the esteemed designer Folke Ohlsson.

Remember to stay updated on the latest bidding activity through Bukowskis' website or by contacting their team directly. Happy bidding!

Folke Ohlsson

Platform : Bukowskis

Latest Bid : 12,000 kr

Number of Bids : 3

Auction End : Mar 05, 2024

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Source : Bukowskis

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