Original Braveheart Costume Sketches by Charles Knode: A Captivating Cultural Asset for £1,495

Original Braveheart Costume Sketches by Charles Knode: A Captivating Cultural Asset for £1,495

The historical epic Braveheart continues to captivate audiences with its powerful story and breathtaking visuals. Now, fans and collectors have the opportunity to own a piece of this iconic film with three original pencil costume designs by BAFTA-winning costume designer Charles Knode.

These hand-drawn sketches showcase the characters of William Wallace, Princess Isabella, and Edward, Prince of Wales. Each design is rendered in pencil on large sheets of white paper, showcasing Knode's incredible attention to detail. The Wallace artwork even includes a heartfelt inscription from Knode, expressing gratitude for critical help received during the production.

Princess Isabella's costume sketch is particularly noteworthy as it refers to her role as the "Princess of Wales" in the film, symbolizing her marriage to Prince Edward. This exquisite artwork also features a touching inscription from Knode that goes beyond words of appreciation.

Dating back to April 1996, these costume designs were gifted to an inpidual named "Bob" after the release of Braveheart. Despite minor creasing and smudging, they remain in excellent condition and serve as a testament to the talent behind the film.

Listed on Propstore for £1,495, these original Braveheart costume sketches offer a unique opportunity for fans and collectors alike. Not only do they provide a glimpse into the creative process behind one of cinema's most beloved historical epics, but they also hold immense cultural value as artifacts from a BAFTA-winning production.

Owning these sketches allows inpiduals to bring a piece of Braveheart's legacy into their homes while honoring the craftsmanship that went into creating such stunning costumes. Whether displayed as standalone pieces or framed alongside other memorabilia from the film, these drawings are sure to be cherished by any fan or collector who appreciates cinematic history.

In conclusion, the availability of these original Braveheart costume sketches by Charles Knode presents an exciting opportunity for film enthusiasts and collectors to own a tangible piece of this iconic historical epic. With their rich history and exceptional craftsmanship, these sketches hold both cultural and sentimental value, making them a must-have for any fan of Braveheart.

BRAVEHEART (1995) - Three Charles Knode Costume Sketches

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Price : £1,495

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