Olle Bærtling "lrgur" Color Serigraph Reaches 10,000 kr in Bukowskis Auction

Olle Bærtling "lrgur" Color Serigraph Reaches 10,000 kr in Bukowskis Auction

An artist's masterpiece from 1958, Olle Bærtling's "lrgur," has captured the attention of art enthusiasts at the prestigious auction house Bukowskis. This stunning color serigraph, measuring 59 x 29 cm, bears the signature of the talented artist himself and is numbered 76 out of only 90 editions. Although not examined outside of its frame, it should be noted that the piece has yellowed over time, highlighting its vintage charm.

Currently, this captivating artwork has attracted five eager bidders who have collectively driven up the price to an impressive sum of 10,000 kr. As the auction approaches its closing date on February 3rd, 2024, anticipation builds regarding whether this bid will remain victorious or if admirers still have surprises up their sleeves.

Olle Bærtling's work exudes a distinct style characterized by geometric abstractions and bold lines. By combining vibrant colors and intricate compositions, he creates visually striking pieces that captivate viewers' imaginations and leave lasting impressions. This particular serigraph exemplifies his unique artistic vision and serves as a testament to his skillful craftsmanship.

Bukowskis has earned a reputation as a premier destination for collectors seeking exceptional artworks from renowned artists across various periods. With an extensive network within the art world and a discerning eye for quality pieces, they curate auctions that showcase an eclectic array of artworks that cater to perse tastes. The inclusion of Olle Bærtling's "lrgur" in one of their esteemed auctions further solidifies their commitment to presenting significant works by celebrated artists.

As dedicated enthusiasts eagerly follow every development in this exhilarating auction at Bukowskis, all eyes remain fixed on the escalating bid count. Will another bidder emerge, elevating the current bid to new heights? Or will the final offer indeed rest upon the impressive 10,000 kr mark? Only time will tell in this captivating battle for ownership of Olle Bærtling's mesmerizing "lrgur" serigraph.

Regardless of its outcome, it is undeniable that this remarkable artwork has captivated the imagination of all those who encounter it. With its rich history, renowned artist's signature, and enduring allure, Olle Bærtling's "lrgur" color serigraph stands as a testament to the timeless beauty of artistic expression and its power to transcend boundaries.

Olle Bærtling

Platform : Bukowskis

Latest Bid : 10,000 kr

Number of Bids : 5

Auction End : Feb 03, 2024

Source : Bukowskis

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