Nils Jonsson Sideboard "Cortina" Gathers Momentum in Bukowskis Auction

Nils Jonsson Sideboard "Cortina" Gathers Momentum in Bukowskis Auction

Bukowskis, the esteemed auction house, is currently hosting an exciting bidding war for a stunning late 20th-century Nils Jonsson sideboard. Crafted by Troeds Möbelfabrik in Bjärnum, this elegant piece exudes sophistication and timeless design.

Made from jacaranda wood, the sideboard features two sliding doors and four drawers, offering ample storage space. Stamped with authenticity, this remarkable item measures 222x45x80 cm and showcases minimal signs of wear, maintaining its impeccable condition.

With two active bids and counting, the current bid stands at an enticing 10,000 kr. The competitive atmosphere surrounding this auction adds to the anticipation of securing such a remarkable piece for any discerning collector or interior enthusiast.

As the auction draws closer to its end on March 1, 2024, interested bidders are eagerly vying for their chance to own this extraordinary Nils Jonsson sideboard. Its exquisite craftsmanship and striking design make it a standout addition to any stylish home or curated furniture collection.

Whether you're an avid collector seeking a new treasure or someone looking to enhance your living space with a statement piece, don't miss out on placing your bid at Bukowskis. This rare opportunity to acquire the Nils Jonsson "Cortina" sideboard may not come around again anytime soon.

Intricate details combined with premium materials make this sideboard a true testament to fine Scandinavian craftsmanship. Its practicality and visual appeal ensure that it seamlessly complements various interior styles and aesthetics.

With its enduring beauty and functional purpose, owning the Nils Jonsson "Cortina" deserves serious consideration. Stay engaged until the final moments of this riveting auction at Bukowskis as bidders strive to secure their status as the highest bidder and claim this magnificent piece as their own.

Nils Jonsson sideboard "Cortina" from Troeds Möbelfabrik, Bjärnum, late 20th century

Platform : Bukowskis

Latest Bid : 10,000 kr

Number of Bids : 2

Auction End : Mar 01, 2024

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Source : Bukowskis

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