Neolithic Flint Serrated Point Fetches $1,000 at Hindman Auction

Neolithic Flint Serrated Point Fetches $1,000 at Hindman Auction

A Neolithic Flint Serrated Point from the Dagger Period in Denmark has garnered attention at the ongoing Hindman auction. Dating back to approximately 2400-1700 B.C., the exquisite artifact measures 4 1/2 inches (11.43 cm) in length. With a current bid of $1,000, this rare find is poised to attract enthusiastic collectors.

Believed to be a significant piece of human history, this Neolithic flint point showcases intricate serrations, indicative of its utility as a cutting tool during ancient times. The craftsmanship and historical value of the item have captivated bidders who recognize its importance.

Hindman, renowned for its expertise in fine art and antiquities, proudly presents this remarkable artifact for auction. With a long-standing reputation for curating exceptional items, Hindman ensures that collectors have access to extraordinary pieces from various periods.

As the bidding count stands at one, potential buyers can anticipate intense competition as the auction end date approaches on March 5th, 2024. Collectors and history enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to secure this Neolithic treasure.

Offering a glimpse into ancient civilizations and their early technologies, this Neolithic Flint Serrated Point represents not only an investment-worthy acquisition but also an invaluable piece of human heritage. As the bidding continues, interested parties are urged to seize this chance to own a tangible link to our past through Hindman's reputable auction platform.

In conclusion, Hindman's current auction presents a remarkable opportunity to acquire a Neolithic Flint Serrated Point from Denmark's Dagger Period. With a latest bid of $1,000 and counting, interested inpiduals have until March 5th, 2024 to participate in securing this extraordinary artifact which embodies both historical significance and collectible value.

A Neolithic Flint Serrated Point

Platform : Hindman

Latest Bid : $1,000

Number of Bids : 1

Auction End : Mar 05, 2024

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Source : Hindman

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