MIMIC 2 (2001) Animatronic Baby Cockroach: A Fascinating Science Fiction Collectible

MIMIC 2 (2001) Animatronic Baby Cockroach: A Fascinating Science Fiction Collectible

A rare animatronic baby cockroach from Jean de Segonzac’s 2001 horror sequel, Mimic 2, is now available on the market. This unique cultural asset, listed at £1,295, showcases the intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its creation.

In the film, entomologist Remy Panos and Detective Klaski team up to track down a murderous cockroach capable of assuming human form. During an intense sequence, genetically modified baby cockroaches emerge from a stolen suitcase intended for the black market. One of these creatures is brought to life through this remarkable animatronic replica.

Constructed with a foam latex abdomen and head featuring compound eyes, this animatronic cockroach boasts six resin legs. These legs are meticulously designed with dactyls and multiple joints, allowing for realistic articulation. The hand-painted orange and black color scheme further enhances its authenticity.

Although the lot shows slight wear, it remains in good condition overall. The materials used in its construction include foam latex and resin. Additionally, electronic components have been incorporated into the design to bring this captivating creature to life.

Aspiring collectors will appreciate the opportunity to add such a unique piece of movie memorabilia to their collection. The MIMIC 2 (2001) Animatronic Baby Cockroach offers a tangible connection to an iconic science fiction horror sequel that continues to captivate audiences even after two decades.

Whether displayed as a conversation starter or cherished as a reminder of the film's thrilling moments, this collectible asset is sure to be a standout addition in any home or office space. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of cinematic history with this remarkable animatronic baby cockroach from Mimic 2 (2001).

MIMIC 2 (2001) - Animatronic Baby Cockroach

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Price : £1,295

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