Marvel's Jessica Jones Costume: Dorothy Walker's Bloodied Death and Jessica Jones' Funeral Outfits Available for $1,245

Marvel's Jessica Jones Costume: Dorothy Walker's Bloodied Death and Jessica Jones' Funeral Outfits Available for $1,245

Marvel fans can now own a piece of the hit TV show "Jessica Jones" with Dorothy Walker's bloodied death costume and Jessica Jones' funeral attire. These iconic costumes from episodes 308 and 310 are being sold on Propstore for a list price of $1,245.

In the gripping episode "AKA Camera Friendly" (308), Dorothy Walker meets a tragic end when she is tied to a chair and murdered by Gregory Sallinger in her own home. The costume includes a leopard print blouse, black pants, and a black jacket - all bloodied with holes - along with black heels for an authentic representation of this pivotal scene.

Moving to the somber episode "AKA Hero Pants" (310), Trish Walker and Jessica Jones attend their mother's funeral. The outfit consists of a gray cotton shirt, black cotton jacket, black wool overcoat, dark denim jeans, and black leather boots. This ensemble captures the emotional weight of the moment as our beloved characters say their final goodbyes.

Owning these costumes not only allows fans to connect with their favorite characters on a deeper level but also serves as a unique piece of memorabilia from the celebrated show. Whether displayed proudly or added to an existing collection, these items offer an opportunity to cherish the intricate details that made "Jessica Jones" such a captivating series.

As Marvel enthusiasts eagerly seek out exclusive artifacts like these, it is important to note that this listing provides an accessible option for fans to own a part of their favorite show. With its reasonable price tag on Propstore, this cultural asset offers both affordability and sentimental value.

In conclusion, the bloodied death costume worn by Dorothy Walker and Jessica Jones' funeral outfit from Marvel's Jessica Jones are now available for purchase on Propstore. Priced at $1,245, these costumes give fans the chance to own a tangible piece of the show's history and pay homage to the compelling characters that made it so beloved. Don't miss this opportunity to bring a touch of Marvel magic into your own collection.

MARVEL'S JESSICA JONES (2015-2019) - Dorothy Walker's Bloodied Death Costume and Jessica Jones' Funeral Costume

Platform : Propstore

Price : $1,245

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