Lucie Rie Creamer Reaches High Bid of $1,700 at Phillips Auction

Lucie Rie Creamer Reaches High Bid of $1,700 at Phillips Auction

A stunning creamer by renowned ceramic artist Lucie Rie is currently up for auction at Phillips. This stoneware piece features a manganese rim with delicate sgraffito lines, showcasing Rie's signature craftsmanship. With no damage or restoration, the creamer is in excellent condition, making it an exceptional find for collectors.

As the auction draws to a close on February 29, 2024, the current bid stands at $1,700. With two bidders vying for this exquisite piece, anticipation builds for who will secure this sought-after item. The creamer's clean design and impeccable preservation make it highly desirable among aficionados of Rie's work and ceramic enthusiasts alike.

Lucie Rie's contributions to ceramics are widely celebrated within the artistic community. Her innovative techniques and unparalleled skill have earned her a prominent place in the world of pottery. This creamer exemplifies her mastery of form and decoration while also representing her distinctive style.

Phillips Auction House provides a platform for collectors to acquire exceptional pieces like this Lucie Rie creamer. Known for its expertise in fine art and collectibles, Phillips offers buyers the opportunity to acquire unique artworks through their carefully curated auctions. Bidders can trust in their proven track record of successful sales and excellent service.

With its current bid reaching $1,700 and two enthusiastic bidders competing, this Lucie Rie creamer captures attention as a coveted item at Phillips' auction. Collectors fortunate enough to acquire this elegant stoneware piece will undoubtedly treasure it as both an investment and a testament to an exceptional artist's legacy.

Lucie Rie - Creamer

Platform : Phillips

Latest Bid : $1,700

Number of Bids : 2

Auction End : Feb 29, 2024

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Source : Phillips

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