Los Angeles Lakers Noche Latina Kobe Bryant Jersey Receives High Bid of $39,000 at Goldin Auction

Los Angeles Lakers Noche Latina Kobe Bryant Jersey Receives High Bid of $39,000 at Goldin Auction

A highly sought-after piece of basketball history is currently up for auction on Goldin. The item in question is a game-used, photo-matched, and signed Los Angeles Lakers Noche Latina jersey worn by the legendary Kobe Bryant himself. The jersey showcases the team's dedication to their Latin American and U.S. Hispanic fanbase.

The "Noche Latina" initiative was introduced by the NBA in 2006 to honor and celebrate the perse communities supporting the sport. The Lakers were among the original seven teams to participate, adopting Spanish translations of their team name on their jerseys. These special nights featured Latin-themed events and music within arenas, along with Spanish-language media access for fans.

With a current bid of $39,000, this unique piece holds immense value for basketball enthusiasts and collectors alike. The auction has already seen 14 bids, highlighting its desirability in the market. Interested buyers have until March 2nd, 2024 to make their best offer on this prized Kobe Bryant jersey.

Goldin has become a reputable platform for sports memorabilia auctions, offering fans and collectors incredible opportunities to own iconic pieces from sporting history. As one of the most celebrated athletes of all time, Kobe Bryant's game-used jersey represents an invaluable keepsake for any basketball aficionado.

Don't miss your chance to acquire this extraordinary item that pays homage to both Kobe Bryant's legacy and the Lakers' commitment to persity. Place your bid before it's too late and secure a piece of basketball history for yourself.

Mar. 21, 2010 - Kobe Bryant Game-Used, Photo-Matched, Signed Los Angeles Lakers Noche Latina Jersey - 24 Points - NBA/MeiGray LOA, Beckett LOA

Platform : Goldin

Latest Bid : $39,000

Number of Bids : 14

Auction End : Mar 02, 2024

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Source : Goldin

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