LeBron James Signed Handprint Auctioned at Goldin with Current Bid of $10,001

LeBron James Signed Handprint Auctioned at Goldin with Current Bid of $10,001

A rare and captivating piece of basketball memorabilia is currently up for auction on Goldin. The item in question is a framed tegata hand impression signed by NBA superstar LeBron James. This unique handprint, traditionally found in the world of sumo wrestling, represents the autograph of a top-ranked athlete, just like James himself.

Displayed within a 36-by-36-inch frame featuring a mosaic of career highlights, the black tegata stands out with its remarkable silver marker signature from King James. Adding to its exclusivity, the piece bears the personal seal of approval from James himself in the form of his unique inkan. This particular artwork holds a limited edition status, marked as "#5/26."

Bidders have shown great interest in this extraordinary item, resulting in a total of 18 bids thus far. The current leading bid sits at an impressive $10,001. Such fervent competition demonstrates the widespread appeal and desire to own a tangible piece representing the incredible legacy and achievements of LeBron James.

Goldin Auctions offers ardent fans and collectors alike an opportunity to own this exceptional item that encapsulates both athleticism and cultural significance. With its intricate details and symbolic value, this framed tegata hand impression serves as a true testament to LeBron James' greatness on and off the court.

The auction for this remarkable piece is set to conclude on March 2nd, 2024. As bidding continues to escalate, it will be intriguing to observe who emerges as the ultimate winner and custodian of this one-of-a-kind collectible within the Goldin community.

In summary, Goldin's current auction showcases a breathtaking LeBron James Signed Tegata Original Hand Impression (#5/26). With a high bid of $10,001 garnered from passionate bidders vying for ownership, this unique artwork exemplifies the intersection of sports excellence and cultural appreciation.

LeBron James Signed, Framed Tegata Original Hand Impression (#5/26) - 36 x 36 - UDA COA

Platform : Goldin

Latest Bid : $10,001

Number of Bids : 18

Auction End : Mar 02, 2024

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Source : Goldin

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