LeBron James Autographed Rookie Card Tops Lelands Auction with $10,717 Current Bid

LeBron James Autographed Rookie Card Tops Lelands Auction with $10,717 Current Bid

A LeBron James autographed rookie card has become the center of attention at the ongoing auction on Lelands. The highly sought-after 2003-04 SP Basketball Signature Edition "INKredible INKscriptions" #LJ card features a pristine autograph inscribed with "#1 Draft Pick". With a BGS PRISTINE 10 Auto 10 grade, this card is one of the rarest and highest graded in existence.

The latest bid for this remarkable piece stands at an impressive $10,717, attracting nine competitive bids from collectors eager to add this gem to their collection. Considering its perfect sub-grades in centering, corners, and edges, it is clear that this LeBron James rookie card is truly extraordinary.

A standout feature of this particular card is its desirable inscription by LeBron James himself as the "#1 Draft Pick", adding even more value and significance to an already exceptional collectible. With only three cards graded as high as this in the Beckett population, owning this card would undoubtedly elevate any basketball memorabilia collection.

The Lelands auction offers enthusiasts an opportunity to acquire this grail LeBron James card until March 16, 2024. As time runs out, collectors are eagerly vying for a chance at securing this iconic piece of sports history. The bidding activity surrounding this item speaks volumes about its desirability and potential investment value.

The lucky bidder who emerges victorious in acquiring this legendary LeBron James rookie card will cherish it as a prized possession and showcased centerpiece within their collection. Whether you're a passionate fan or a dedicated collector, owning such a rare and significant piece of NBA memorabilia is certainly a dream come true.

With its current bid reflecting the immense value attributed to it by bidders thus far, it's evident that excitement continues to build within the collecting community over the potential acquisition of this LeBron James autographed rookie card. As the auction draws to a close, collectors await the final hammer price with anticipation and eagerness for its new home in a distinguished collection.

2003-04 SP Basketball Signature Edition "INKredible INKscriptions" #LJ LeBron James Autograph Inscribed "#1 Draft Pick" Rookie Card #04/25 BGS PRISTINE 10 Auto 10 (Pop 3 Highest Graded)

Platform : Lelands

Latest Bid : $10,717

Number of Bids : 9

Auction End : Mar 16, 2024

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Source : Lelands

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