Lake Landscape by Helmer Osslund: Current Bid at 12,000 kr on Bukowskis

Lake Landscape by Helmer Osslund: Current Bid at 12,000 kr on Bukowskis

Renowned Swedish artist Helmer Osslund's captivating artwork, "Lake Landscape," is currently up for auction on Bukowskis. This exquisite piece showcases Osslund's mastery of oil painting on a greaseproof paper panel, measuring 20.5 x 39 cm. While the artwork displays some scratch marks and minor loss of paint, it still emanates a timeless beauty.

With no previous bids registered, the current bid for this remarkable artwork stands at 12,000 kr. As the auction proceeds, art enthusiasts and collectors eagerly anticipate the opportunity to make their mark on this unique piece. The auction will come to a close on Mar 09, 2024.

Helmer Osslund's distinctive style and artistic vision have garnered him considerable renown in the art world. His ability to capture the serenity and harmony of natural landscapes is evident in "Lake Landscape." Despite its flaws, this artwork continues to resonate with viewers, inviting them into a tranquil setting that effortlessly evokes a sense of peace and tranquility.

Bukowskis has long been recognized as a leading auction house dedicated to showcasing exceptional artworks and attracting discerning collectors. Their commitment to curating prestigious auctions allows art enthusiasts from around the world to access magnificent pieces like Helmer Osslund's "Lake Landscape."

As art lovers immerse themselves in exploring this auction, they are drawn not only by Osslund's artistic brilliance but also by the possibility of acquiring a piece that holds such emotional and aesthetic appeal. Each brushstroke tells a story that connects viewers with nature on an intimate level—a narrative waiting to be cherished by its future owner.

In conclusion, Helmer Osslund's mesmerizing "Lake Landscape" captivates art aficionados with its serene portrayal of nature's beauty. With the current bid at 12,000 kr, this artwork presents an exceptional opportunity for collectors to acquire a piece imbued with Osslund's artistic legacy. Head over to Bukowskis before Mar 09, 2024, to partake in the bidding and potentially become the proud owner of this remarkable creation.

Helmer Osslund

Platform : Bukowskis

Latest Bid : 12,000 kr

Auction End : Mar 09, 2024

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Source : Bukowskis

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