Jupiter Ascending Titus Guard Mask: A Sci-Fi Steampunk Collectible for £1,495

Jupiter Ascending Titus Guard Mask: A Sci-Fi Steampunk Collectible for £1,495

A Titus guard mask from the Wachowski's 2015 film, Jupiter Ascending, is currently available on the market at a list price of £1,495. This silicone mask features intricate detailing, replicating the look of electronic devices with a sci-fi/steampunk aesthetic. Worn by one of the guards escorting Titus Abrasax, the mask remains in very good condition despite displaying some wear from use. The eyes are covered in black mesh, allowing performers to see through while maintaining an otherworldly appearance.

Jupiter Ascending tells the story of a young woman who discovers her lineage as an heiress to intergalactic nobility and fights to protect Earth from a destructive industry. This particular mask adds an element of intrigue and style to any collection or display.

The ornate design and attention to detail make this prop a standout piece for fans of the film and collectors alike. With its black, faux-silver, and brass paint finish, it truly captures the essence of the sci-fi genre. The holes strategically placed in the mask allow for proper vision, hearing, and breathing during filming.

Though worn by one specific character in the film, this Titus guard mask is a representation of the larger universe created within Jupiter Ascending. Its presence evokes a sense of adventure and excitement that fans will appreciate.

For those seeking a unique addition to their collection or looking to immerse themselves in the world of Jupiter Ascending, this prop offers both beauty and functionality. Its combination of science fiction and steampunk elements sets it apart from other collectibles on the market.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of Jupiter Ascending or simply appreciate well-crafted props from iconic films, this Titus guard mask is worth considering. With its impressive design and overall very good condition, it's a collectible that will surely spark conversation and captivate the imagination.

JUPITER ASCENDING (2015) - Titus Guard Mask

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Price : £1,495

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