Journey Into Mystery #83: Unrestored Thor Comic Hits the Market at $14,000

Journey Into Mystery #83: Unrestored Thor Comic Hits the Market at $14,000

Journey Into Mystery #83, a comic book featuring the origin and first appearance of Thor, is now available for collectors. With off-white pages and a universal holder, this unrestored gem showcases Jack Kirby's iconic cover art. Graded CGC#1224971003, it holds a perfect COMIC BOOK IMPACT rating of 10 (CBI). Considered a cultural asset, this sought-after piece is listed at $14,000 on the secondary market platform Comic Connect.

This highly coveted comic book introduces readers to Thor in his mortal guise as Doctor Don Blake. Created by legendary artist Jack Kirby, the cover and interior art are masterfully executed, making it an exceptional addition to any collection. Its off-white pages have been well-preserved over time, adding to its value and desirability.

Graded by CGC under certification number 1224971003, this particular copy of Journey Into Mystery #83 has remained untouched by restoration efforts. This means that its original condition has been maintained without any enhancements or alterations. Collectors often seek unrestored comics like this one for their authenticity and historical significance.

Listed on Comic Connect, an esteemed secondary market platform known for offering rare and valuable collectibles, Journey Into Mystery #83 commands a price tag of $14,000. As one of the most iconic issues in Marvel Comics history, this comic book continues to captivate fans and investors alike.

When considering investments in cultural assets such as comic books, it is important to take note of their condition and rarity. The fact that this specific copy remains unrestored further enhances its appeal among enthusiasts looking for authentic pieces with significant historical value.

In conclusion, Journey Into Mystery #83 presents an opportunity for collectors to own a piece of comic book history. With its origin story and first appearance of Thor encapsulated within its pages, this unrestored gem is a highly sought-after asset. Priced at $14,000 on Comic Connect, it invites enthusiasts to own a tangible piece of Marvel's legendary universe and the birth of one of its most iconic characters.


Platform : Comic Connect

Price : $14,000

Source : Comic Connect

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