Journey Into Mystery #83: Origin & 1st Appearance of Thor Listed at $14,000

Journey Into Mystery #83: Origin & 1st Appearance of Thor Listed at $14,000

A significant cultural asset has hit the market with a list price of $14,000. Journey Into Mystery #83, featuring the origin and first appearance of Thor (Dr. Don Blake), is now available for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

This comic book gem boasts off-white pages and comes in a universal holder, ensuring its pristine condition. With a CGC#1224971003 certification, it remains unrestored, adding to its desirability among avid collectors.

What makes this asset truly remarkable is the involvement of iconic artist Jack Kirby, who both created the cover and contributed his artistic talents to the interior pages. The influence of Kirby's art within the comic book industry cannot be understated, making this issue an even more valuable addition to any collection.

With a Comic Book Impact rating (CBI) of 10, Journey Into Mystery #83 is recognized as an impactful piece in the world of comics. Its significance lies not only in introducing Thor but also in establishing Dr. Don Blake as his alter ego – adding depth to the character's mythology.

As collectors seek out unique and historically significant items to add to their collections, Journey Into Mystery #83 stands out as an essential piece for any serious comic book enthusiast. Its rarity and cultural importance make it a must-have for those looking to own a piece of comic book history.

In conclusion, Journey Into Mystery #83 offers readers and collectors alike an exciting opportunity to delve into the origins of one of Marvel's most beloved characters. With its notable creators and significant impact on popular culture, this asset holds immense value both as a collectible item and as a historical artifact within the comic book narrative. The list price may seem steep, but for those passionate about preserving cultural assets and embracing their historical significance, this issue proves itself worthy of investment.


Platform : Comic Connect

Price : $14,000

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