Joe Loder's Bloody Costume from Nightcrawler Hits the Market with a Price Tag of $1,045

Joe Loder's Bloody Costume from Nightcrawler Hits the Market with a Price Tag of $1,045

Joe Loder's infamous bloody costume from the 2014 dramatic thriller Nightcrawler is now available for purchase. The costume, worn by Bill Paxton's character in the film, showcases a blue and white plaid shirt, a graphic T-shirt, beige cargo pants, and brown leather boots. Despite showing signs of use and wear, including extensive production-added blood stains, the costume remains in excellent condition. Interested buyers can find this unique cultural asset on Propstore for a list price of $1,045.

Fans of Nightcrawler will instantly recognize this iconic costume as Joe Loder's attire during one of the film's gripping scenes. As a local news cameraman, Loder tragically crashes his news van after his brakes are sabotaged by rival Louis Bloom (played by Jake Gyllenhaal). The scene captures not only the intensity of the moment but also highlights the significance of Loder's character in the story.

The costume itself consists of various elements that contribute to its authenticity and visual appeal. The blue and white button-up plaid shirt provides a classic yet practical look for an on-the-go cameraman like Loder. Paired with a blue cotton T-shirt featuring a bold black and white graphic on the front, this ensemble exudes both style and functionality.

Complementing the shirts are beige cotton cargo pants that offer comfort and versatility while navigating through fast-paced news assignments. To complete the outfit, brown leather and rubber boots provide durability and ensure stability while capturing breaking news stories.

While it may exhibit signs of wear, including extensive production-added bloodstains throughout, this only adds to its value as an authentic piece from Nightcrawler. Fans who appreciate movie memorabilia or collectors seeking unique cultural assets will undoubtedly be drawn to this item.

Propstore offers enthusiasts an opportunity to own this distinct piece from Nightcrawler's cinematic history. Whether displayed as a prized possession or incorporated into a curated collection, Joe Loder's bloody costume is sure to spark conversation and intrigue among admirers of the film.

For those interested in owning a tangible piece of movie history, this cultural asset offers an affordable option at a list price of $1,045. Act fast to secure this remarkable item before it finds its way into the hands of another avid collector.

NIGHTCRAWLER (2014) - Joe Loder's (Bill Paxton) Bloody Costume

Platform : Propstore

Price : $1,045

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