James Campbell's Illuminated Manuscript of "The History of Alexander" Hits the Market for $37,200

James Campbell's Illuminated Manuscript of "The History of Alexander" Hits the Market for $37,200

A remarkable piece of history has made its way into the market, captivating collectors and enthusiasts alike. James Campbell's finely bound illuminated manuscript, "The History of Alexander," is now available for purchase. This extraordinary artifact takes us on a journey through time, shedding light on the life and conquests of one of history's most legendary figures.

Assembled by James Campbell, an English scholar, this manuscript showcases his meticulous research and dedication to preserving the legacy of Alexander the Great. The calligraphy work, skillfully executed by Ibn Muhammad Khan Safdar 'Ali from Afghanistan, adds an exquisite touch to every page.

Originating from Kabul, Afghanistan in 1874 AD, this historical gem holds immense cultural significance. Comprising 119 leaves adorned with fine marbled paper borders, it is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of its time. Written in Farsi, the text delves into every aspect of Alexander's life - from his Macedonian origins to his far-reaching conquests across Egypt, India, and Turkestan.

Each page invites readers into a world long gone but not forgotten. The single column layout features 11 lines written in elegant nasta'liq script using black ink. Occasional headings and significant words are highlighted in blue, adding depth and visual interest to the manuscript. Inner margins ruled in gold and blue demonstrate the attention to detail that went into its creation.

The external beauty matches the inner splendor as well. Bound in contemporary burgundy leather with blind-stamped corner pieces on the covers, this illuminated manuscript is a true work of art. Its timeless appeal will undoubtedly enhance any collection it becomes a part of.

Available at Sotheby's for $37,200, this masterpiece represents an unparalleled opportunity for collectors to own a piece of history. The fusion of literature, calligraphy, and artistry makes James Campbell's "The History of Alexander" a valuable addition to any cultural asset collection. Don't miss the chance to own this remarkable piece that brings the past vividly to life.

James Campbell - The History of Alexander

Platform : Sotheby's

Price : $37,200

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