INCREDIBLE HULK #181, with first full Wolverine appearance, available for $12,650 on Comic Connect

INCREDIBLE HULK #181, with first full Wolverine appearance, available for $12,650 on Comic Connect

The comic book world is buzzing with excitement as a true gem hits the market. INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-99) #181, featuring the highly anticipated debut of Wolverine, has become available for collectors and enthusiasts alike. With an asking price of $12,650, this sought-after cultural asset is sure to make waves in the industry.

Crafted by legendary artist Herb Trimpe, this particular edition showcases his remarkable cover and art skills. Despite a missing Marvel Value Stamp on page 10, rest assured that it does not impact the captivating storyline. The incomplete first full Wolverine appearance only adds to the allure of this remarkable piece.

Marvel aficionados will be delighted to know that this edition also includes a Marvel Value Stamp #54 featuring Shanna. With a COMIC BOOK IMPACT rating of 10 (CBI), this comic book is truly a collector's dream come true.

Comic Connect serves as the platform for enthusiasts to acquire this extraordinary asset. As one of the leading secondary markets for collectibles, it offers a trusted space for buyers and sellers to connect.

Investing in cultural assets like these not only provides immense joy but also holds potential financial benefits. Rare finds like INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-99) #181 tend to appreciate in value over time, making them a great addition to any collection or investment portfolio.

If you're an avid collector or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of comic book history, don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of Marvel legacy. Head over to Comic Connect and discover why INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-99) #181 is causing such a stir among enthusiasts worldwide.

In conclusion, with its iconic first full Wolverine appearance and outstanding artwork by Herb Trimpe, INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-99) #181 is a true cultural asset. Priced at $12,650 on Comic Connect, this comic book promises not only an exciting reading experience but also the potential for future appreciation in value. Don't hesitate to join the ranks of avid collectors and secure this remarkable piece for yourself.

INCREDIBLE HULK (1962-99) #181

Platform : Comic Connect

Price : $12,650

Source : Comic Connect

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