High Bid of $1,200 at Sotheby's for Zion Williamson New Orleans Pelicans NBA Game Worn Jersey

High Bid of $1,200 at Sotheby's for Zion Williamson New Orleans Pelicans NBA Game Worn Jersey

A highly coveted item is currently up for auction on Sotheby's, and it is none other than Zion Williamson's game-worn jersey from the 2023-2024 NBA season. This Nike mesh jersey, sized at 54 (+6 length), was worn by Zion in the first half during the Kia NBA Tip-Off game when the New Orleans Pelicans faced off against the Memphis Grizzlies on October 25, 2023.

Despite a delayed debut in January 2020 due to a meniscus tear, Williamson quickly made his mark in the NBA. He showcased his formidable scoring ability with a remarkable streak of 17 consecutive points and finished his rookie season with an impressive performance. In this specific game, he tallied an outstanding stat line of 23 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists. Ultimately, the Pelicans emerged victorious with a final score of 111-104 against the Grizzlies.

With eleven bids already placed, the current highest bid stands at $1,200 as eager fans compete to own this piece of basketball history. The auction is set to conclude on February 26th, 2024, so potential buyers should act swiftly if they wish to secure this iconic jersey.

Sotheby's prestigious platform ensures that collectors and enthusiasts have access to rare and significant sports memorabilia. As one of the top selections in the 2019 NBA Draft and an emerging star in professional basketball, Zion Williamson adds immense value to this exciting auction item.

Whether you are a dedicated fan or an avid collector, don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of history by placing your bid on Zion Williamson's game-worn New Orleans Pelicans jersey at Sotheby's today!

Zion Williamson New Orleans Pelicans 2023-2024 Kia NBA Tip-Off Game Worn Icon Edition Jersey

Platform : Sotheby's

Latest Bid : $1,200

Number of Bids : 11

Auction End : Feb 26, 2024

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Source : Sotheby's

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