Hand-drawn Superman III Storyboard Binder Now Available for $4,445

Hand-drawn Superman III Storyboard Binder Now Available for $4,445

A rare hand-drawn opening sequence storyboard binder from Richard Lester's superhero sequel Superman III is currently on the market. This navy plastic binder contains 12 sheets of paper featuring graphite illustrations and scene descriptions. The papers, showing signs of wear, were used in the film's pre-production process. Interested collectors can find this unique cultural asset listed on Propstore for a price of $4,445.

The storyboard binder offers a glimpse into the early stages of creating the iconic opening sequence of Superman III. In this scene, residents of Metropolis face a series of mishaps until Superman comes to their rescue, saving a man trapped in his car underwater. These 12 hand-drawn storyboards provide visual insights into the progression and development of this thrilling moment.

Each sheet within the navy plastic binder features a detailed illustration rendered in graphite. Alongside the images are descriptive text and scene numbers, offering further context and understanding to filmmakers and enthusiasts alike. Additionally, date stamps and "PRODUCTION: SUPERMAN III" adorn the top left corner of each page, adding to their authenticity and historical significance.

As with any cultural artifact from the past, these storyboards exhibit signs of wear due to age and use. However, it is precisely these imperfections that give them character and make them alluring to collectors who appreciate the authenticity and history behind such items. The wear on these storyboards serves as a testament to their involvement in the creation process of an esteemed superhero film.

For those passionate about film memorabilia or fans of the Superman franchise, this hand-drawn opening sequence storyboard binder presents a unique opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history. With its rich storytelling potential and historical significance, it is not only an investment but also a conversation starter that will captivate guests when displayed as part of any collection.

In summary, this hand-drawn opening sequence storyboard binder from Superman III offers a fascinating insight into the pre-production process of Richard Lester's superhero sequel. With its detailed illustrations, scene descriptions, and signs of wear from age and use, this cultural asset is a coveted item for collectors. Currently available on Propstore for $4,445, it represents an opportunity to own a tangible piece of cinematic history that will undoubtedly enrich any collection.

SUPERMAN III (1983) - Hand-drawn Opening Sequence Storyboard Binder

Platform : Propstore

Price : $4,445

Source : Propstore

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