Hand-Drawn 2010: The Year We Make Contact Storyboards Offered for £1,995

Hand-Drawn 2010: The Year We Make Contact Storyboards Offered for £1,995

A rare set of hand-drawn storyboards from Peter Hyams' sci-fi sequel 2010: The Year We Make Contact are now available on the market. These pencil sketches depict exterior scenes during the Leonov's escape from Jupiter. Each of the six drawings is completed within a production table and features handwritten notes and numbering. Although showing light marking from pencil work and production handling, these storyboards are a valuable cultural asset for any film enthusiast. The price for this unique item is £1,995.

The story behind these hand-drawn storyboards adds to their allure. Created for the 1984 film 2010: The Year We Make Contact, directed by Peter Hyams, the sketches capture frame compositions for scenes during the Leonov's thrilling escape from Jupiter. With attention to detail in each drawing, these storyboards provide insight into the creative process behind one of science fiction's memorable sequences.

The storyboards are completed on white US Letter paper within a production table format. This format includes fields for scene number, scene description, camera and SFX work, and equipment used. Handwritten notes and numbering further enhance the authenticity of these drawings. While they may show slight signs of pencil work and production handling, they represent an original piece of cinematic history.

Made with pencil on paper, these storyboards have aged naturally over time. As a result, the paper has slightly yellowed, adding to its vintage appeal. Measuring approximately standard US Letter size, each drawing offers a glimpse into the vision that brought this sci-fi sequel to life.

It's important to note that this cultural asset is sold without copyright, reproduction rights, licensing agreements or any other type of legal releases. However, it remains an extraordinary piece for collectors or enthusiasts who appreciate film memorabilia.

For those who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind filmmaking, these hand-drawn storyboards from 2010: The Year We Make Contact offer a unique opportunity. With their historical significance, attention to detail, and the thrill of owning a piece of cinematic history, they are an investment for both film enthusiasts and collectors alike. Don't miss the chance to acquire this exceptional cultural asset for £1,995.

2010: THE YEAR WE MAKE CONTACT (1984) - Hand-Drawn Storyboards: Jupiter Escape

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Price : £1,995

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