Full Unopened 1970 Topps Football Wax Box with O.J. Simpson Rookie Card on Auction at Goldin

Full Unopened 1970 Topps Football Wax Box with O.J. Simpson Rookie Card on Auction at Goldin

A treasure for football card enthusiasts is up for grabs at Goldin, the renowned auction house. The item in question is a sealed wax box containing 24 original packs of 1970 Topps Series 1 football cards, showcasing the rookie card of none other than O.J. Simpson himself. This remarkable piece has been expertly certified by BBCE, guaranteeing its authenticity and value.

The box remains in remarkable condition despite its age, with only minor wear from storage visible. It is securely encased within "Baseball Card Exchange" plastic wrapping, ensuring its preservation. One pack within the box boasts an exciting surprise – a factory-fresh O.J. Simpson Rookie Card that can be glimpsed through the wrapper at the bottom of the stack.

Bidders have been eagerly vying for this extraordinary item, continuously raising the stakes in their pursuit to own a piece of football history. The latest bid currently stands at an impressive $10,850, attracting considerable attention with 57 bids placed so far.

The allure of this unopened wax box lies not only in its untouched contents but also in the inclusion of iconic players like Alan Page, Elvin Bethea, Jan Stenerud, Len Dawson, Bob Griese, Bart Starr, Gale Sayers, and Deacon Jones. Collectors and sports enthusiasts alike are enticed by the opportunity to uncover these valuable cards and expand their treasured collections.

If you wish to make your mark in the world of football card collecting or simply appreciate these vintage gems as historical artifacts, don't miss your chance to participate in this captivating auction. Head over to Goldin before January 27th, 2024 when bidding ends and see if you can secure your place as the highest bidder for this remarkable 1970 Topps Football series wax box with its cherished O.J. Simpson Rookie Card.

1970 Topps Football Unopened Series 1 Wax Box (24 Packs) - 1 O.J. Simpson Rookie Card On Back - BBCE Certified

Platform : Goldin

Latest Bid : $10,850

Number of Bids : 57

Auction End : Jan 27, 2024

Source : Goldin

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