FROM HELL (2001) - Ten Bells Pub Lantern: Illuminating History at $1,195

FROM HELL (2001) - Ten Bells Pub Lantern: Illuminating History at $1,195

Step into the chilling world of Jack the Ripper with the Ten Bells pub lantern from From Hell. This vintage-style metal gas lantern, available on Propstore, offers a glimpse into the mystery and horror of Victorian London. The lantern's distressed appearance adds an authentic touch, while its mechanical components provide an intriguing element. Measuring 51" x 40" x 40", this captivating cultural asset allows collectors to own a piece of cinematic history.

The Ten Bells pub lantern played a pivotal role in Hughes Brothers' horror mystery From Hell. It served as a guiding light for Mary Kelly (Heather Graham) and her fellow prostitutes as they sought refuge from the notorious serial killer. With its gilded flower emblems and two dangling chains designed to operate the gas, this iconic prop captures the essence of the era.

Although its current functionality is unknown and the gas pipe is bent, this only adds to its authenticity. The intentional distressing applied by production gives it an antique charm, with grime carefully applied throughout. As with any item containing mechanical components, it is crucial for potential owners to assess their safe use and maintenance.

The allure of this cultural asset lies not only in its connection to a renowned film but also in its historical significance. The Ten Bells pub itself has long been associated with Jack the Ripper's victims and remains a popular destination for those interested in exploring Victorian London's dark past.

Priced at $1,195 on Propstore, this unique collectible offers both cinephiles and history enthusiasts an opportunity to own a tangible piece of storytelling. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or incorporated into themed decor, this Ten Bells pub lantern embodies the eerie atmosphere of From Hell while adding character and intrigue to any space.

In conclusion, the Ten Bells pub lantern from From Hell is a remarkable cultural asset that transports collectors back to the haunting streets of Victorian London. With its vintage style, intentional distressing, and historical significance, this lantern offers an enticing glimpse into the world of Jack the Ripper. Don't miss your chance to own this captivating piece of cinematic history for $1,195 on Propstore.

FROM HELL (2001) - Ten Bells Pub Lantern

Platform : Propstore

Price : $1,195

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