Freedom Arms Model 83 .454 Casull Auction: Current Bid $1,200 at Hindman

Freedom Arms Model 83 .454 Casull Auction: Current Bid $1,200 at Hindman

A highly sought-after firearm is currently up for auction on Hindman. The item in question is a Freedom Arms Model 83 .454 Casull, complete with its original box, accessories, and an extra .45 ACP cylinder. With a 6" barrel length and brushed stainless steel finish, this revolver stands out as a premier grade piece.

The Freedom Arms Model 83 features adjustable target rear notch and matted front blade sights, ensuring precision and accuracy. Its left barrel proudly displays the mark "FREEDOM ARMS MODEL 83 454 CASULL/FREEDOM, WYOMING U.S.A." while the left frame bears the engraving "PAT.NO. 4126953." On the right frame, you'll find the stamp "FREEDOM ARMS/PREMIER GRADE."

Included with this lot is the original cardboard box containing all necessary accessories. These include a CHAMBER-SAFE lock with keys for secure storage, an owner's manual with inserts for guidance, and even a factory test target to showcase its outstanding performance.

What makes this particular auction even more enticing is the inclusion of an additional serial number matching .45 ACP cylinder. This extra feature allows owners to swap calibers effortlessly and customize their shooting experience further.

Bidding started at $1,200 on this stunning Freedom Arms Model 83 .454 Casull. With nine bids already placed, it's evident that firearms enthusiasts recognize its value. However, interested bidders still have time to join in as the auction doesn't end until March 1st, 2024.

If you're in Cincinnati or looking to add a remarkable firearm to your collection nationwide, be sure to visit Hindman for your chance to compete for this exceptional Freedom Arms Model 83 .454 Casull. With its impressive features and accessories, this auction promises an opportunity for firearm enthusiasts to acquire a true gem.

*Freedom Arms Model 83 .454 Casull in Box with Accessories and Extra .45 ACP Cylinder

Platform : Hindman

Latest Bid : $1,200

Number of Bids : 9

Auction End : Mar 01, 2024

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Source : Hindman

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