FRANKLYN (2008) - Jonathan Preest's Mask and Coat Available for £1,795

FRANKLYN (2008) - Jonathan Preest's Mask and Coat Available for £1,795

A unique opportunity has arisen for collectors and film enthusiasts alike with the availability of FRANKLYN (2008) - Jonathan Preest's Mask and Coat. This iconic ensemble, worn by Ryan Phillippe in the dystopian sci-fi thriller, is now on the market courtesy of Propstore.

In the gripping narrative of Franklyn, London and Meanwhile City collide as four inpiduals search for retribution. Preest, played by Ryan Phillippe, dons this distinctive mask and trench coat throughout the movie while hunting down "The Inpidual" responsible for a young girl's fate in an alternate reality. The raincoat itself is crafted from a waxed fabric in a captivating dark green hue with an iridescent emerald green lining. Its double-breasted design features six large metal buttons, complemented by a well-worn brown leather collar, lapel, and pockets.

Accompanying the coat is Preest's signature mask that conceals his face behind ghostly gaunt eyes. This particular version boasts a rigid structure supported by a plastic hockey mask marked "Throwing Mask," ensuring it maintains its haunting shape when tossed to him by the Pastor. The mask captures the essence of Preest's character, adding an enigmatic touch to his relentless pursuit.

Listed at £1,795 on Propstore, this cinematic artifact offers fans an exclusive piece of Franklyn's world. Whether displayed as part of a collection or cherished as a memento from this thought-provoking film, acquiring Jonathan Preest's Mask and Coat provides a tangible connection to the captivating story that unfolds between two parallel realities.

With limited quantities available in the market, interested inpiduals are urged to act swiftly to secure their chance to own this remarkable cultural asset from FRANKLYN (2008). Delve into the depths of this dystopian world, and immerse yourself in the enigmatic presence of Jonathan Preest as you don his iconic mask and coat.

FRANKLYN (2008) - Jonathan Preest's (Ryan Phillippe) Mask and Coat

Platform : Propstore

Price : £1,795

Source : Propstore

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