Flatware Set by WA Bolin, "Rococo" Model C 1920s, Up for Auction at Bukowskis with Current Bid of 20,000 kr

Flatware Set by WA Bolin, "Rococo" Model C 1920s, Up for Auction at Bukowskis with Current Bid of 20,000 kr

A stunning flatware set by WA Bolin, featuring the elegant "Rococo" model from the 1920s, is currently up for auction at Bukowskis. The set consists of a total of 150 pieces, including knives, forks, spoons, and various serving utensils.

The set includes nine knives measuring 25 cm in length, ten knives measuring 21 cm, and eight knives measuring 18 cm. In addition to that, there are eight forks each measuring 22 cm and 18.5 cm respectively, along with eight more forks measuring 14 cm. Cheese forks (7), lobster forks (8), herring forks (3), fish forks (7), fish knives (8), butter knives (2), asparagus tongs (6), spoons in different sizes ranging from 21.5 cm to 9 cm (58 in total), one salt spoon (gilded), a pair of salad servers, a sauce spoon, and three various serving spoons complete this exquisite collection.

With a total weight approximating 7640 grams, this flatware set exhibits some wear due to age and use. Scratches can be found on some pieces; however, they do not detract from the overall beauty and value of this exceptional set.

At present the bid count stands at zero with the latest bid reaching an exciting amount of 20,000 kr. Don't miss out on your chance to own these timeless pieces that showcase fine craftsmanship.

Head over to Bukowskis and place your bid before the auction ends on March 4th, 2024. This striking WA Bolin "Rococo" flatware set promises to be an exquisite addition to any collection or a perfect choice for those who appreciate the elegance of a bygone era.

WA Bolin, flatware 150 pcs "Rococo" model C 1920s

Platform : Bukowskis

Latest Bid : 20,000 kr

Auction End : Mar 04, 2024

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Source : Bukowskis

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