Experience the Extraterrestrial with Animatronic Alien Arm from The X-Files: Fight the Future, Listed at £1,495

Experience the Extraterrestrial with Animatronic Alien Arm from The X-Files: Fight the Future, Listed at £1,495

An iconic piece from Rob Bowman's 1998 sci-fi thriller, The X-Files: Fight the Future, is now available for collectors. This animatronic alien arm was specially made for a climactic scene where aliens burst out of their chambers and reach for Mulder and Scully. Crafted from foam rubber with plastic fingernails, the arm features a metal armature and movable wrist. Despite some wear and tear from production use and age, including flaking and cracking of the foam rubber, this unique piece remains in excellent condition. It is currently listed on Propstore for £1,495.

The animatronic alien arm is an incredible artifact that captures the essence of The X-Files franchise. Fans of the show can now own a tangible piece of its history and showcase their love for all things extraterrestrial. Made of durable materials such as foam rubber, ferrous metals, rubber, and plastic, this arm stands as a testament to the craftsmanship behind film production.

With its vivid shades of green and meticulous attention to detail, this animatronic arm truly brings the otherworldly creatures to life. The metal armature ensures stability while allowing for realistic movements through its articulated joints. By manipulating the handle located on the wrist area, owners can recreate gripping motions as seen in the film.

Despite its age and production use, this cultural asset remains in remarkable condition. While there are signs of wear like flaking and cracking on the foam rubber surface in certain areas, it does not detract from its overall appeal. In fact, these imperfections serve as reminders of its authenticity and connection to one of science fiction's most beloved franchises.

Available on Propstore at a list price of £1,495, this animatronic alien arm offers fans an opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history. Whether displayed as a centerpiece in a personal collection or used as an eye-catching prop, this unique artifact is sure to spark conversations and intrigue. Don't miss your chance to bring the extraterrestrial world of The X-Files into your own home with this extraordinary cultural asset.

X FILES, THE-FIGHT THE FUTURE (1998) - Animatronic Long-Clawed Alien Arm

Platform : Propstore

Price : £1,495

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