Current Bid: Philadelphia 76ers Tyrese Maxey City Edition Jersey Tops Sotheby's Auction

Current Bid: Philadelphia 76ers Tyrese Maxey City Edition Jersey Tops Sotheby's Auction

A highly sought-after item has been making waves at Sotheby's auction house, captivating sports enthusiasts and collectors alike. The spotlight falls on none other than a game-worn Philadelphia 76ers Tyrese Maxey City Edition Jersey from the 2023-2024 In-Season Tournament. With an impressive performance history linked to three exciting games, this jersey showcases Maxey's undeniable talent on the court.

The latest bid for this exceptional piece stands at $1,000, attracting ten bidders, demonstrating its appeal in the marketplace. As the auction draws to a close on February 26, 2024, anticipation is building among those vying to add this remarkable item to their collection.

Maxey donned this exquisite Nike Mesh Jersey during an exhilarating match against the Los Angeles Lakers on November 27, 2023. The young prodigy delivered a standout performance with 31 points, highlighting his scoring prowess alongside his contributions of three rebounds, eight assists, and one steal. The Philadelphia 76ers triumphed over the Lakers with an astonishing victory of 138-94.

Additionally, this jersey holds memories of two more enthralling contests during the In-Season Tournament. On November 21, 2023, when facing off against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Maxey exhibited his skills once again with an impressive stat line of 30 points, four rebounds, six assists, and one steal. Despite their valiant efforts, the Philadelphia squad fell short to a tight scoreline of 122-119.

Furthermore, November 14 marked another memorable occasion as Maxey showcased his versatility during a clash with the Indiana Pacers. He tallied up an exceptional performance with 27 points accompanied by four rebounds, five assists, and one block. Although displaying outstanding inpidual skill and determination on that day, his team unfortunately succumbed to a final score of 132-126.

Tyrese Maxey, a promising talent from the University of Kentucky, was selected as the 21st pick in the illustrious 2020 NBA Draft. After an impressive rookie season of 61 games, he has since made waves as a breakout star contributing significantly to the Philadelphia 76ers' success.

As this captivating auction comes to its crescendo, basketball enthusiasts and collectors eagerly await the final bid. The Philadelphia 76ers Tyrese Maxey City Edition Jersey serves as a cherished piece of sports history that encapsulates unforgettable moments on the court, making it an extraordinary addition for any dedicated collector or fan.

Tyrese Maxey Philadelphia 76ers 2023-2024 In-Season Tournament Game Worn City Edition Jersey | Matched to 3 Games

Platform : Sotheby's

Latest Bid : $1,000

Number of Bids : 10

Auction End : Feb 26, 2024

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Source : Sotheby's

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