Current Bid on Phillips: $2,400

Current Bid on Phillips: $2,400


A stunning Spinel and Diamond Ring is currently up for auction on renowned platform, Phillips. This exquisite piece showcases a cushion-shaped spinel weighing approximately 2.30 carats, accompanied by two brilliant-cut diamonds. The ring is mounted in 18K yellow gold, signed Tanagro, and comes with its original box.

Notably, the spinel has been certified to be of Burma (Myanmar) origin according to AGL report no. 1138351. The report also indicates that there is no gemological evidence of heat treatment, but minor oil type for clarity enhancement may be present. Such information adds value and authenticity to this extraordinary gemstone.

The main colored stone, the vibrant red spinel, measures approximately 8.70 x 7.60 x 4.08 mm and possesses transparency with moderate inclusions. Complementing this captivating centerpiece are two brilliant-cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of 2.40 carats. These diamonds exhibit an average color grade of J-K and clarity grade of VS1-VS2.

With an overall condition described as very good, minor scratches and tarnishes can be observed on the metal while the spinel shows surface-reaching small fractures that are consistent with age and use.

As the auction's end date approaches on February 28th, 2024, bidders have shown keen interest in acquiring this remarkable piece of artistry. Currently at $2,400 with 17 bids placed so far, it promises to attract further attention from jewelry enthusiasts seeking a unique addition to their collection.

Phillips continues to provide a platform for discerning buyers to acquire exceptional pieces like this Spinel and Diamond Ring. Undoubtedly, this auction represents a golden opportunity for collectors to own a distinguished item that combines elegant design, rare origin, and timeless beauty.

NoArtist - Spinel and Diamond Ring

Platform : Phillips

Latest Bid : $2,400

Number of Bids : 17

Auction End : Feb 28, 2024

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Source : Phillips

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