Current Bid on Antonio Rossi I, Miami 1997 Prints Soars to $13,000 at Christie's Auction

Current Bid on Antonio Rossi I, Miami 1997 Prints Soars to $13,000 at Christie's Auction

A stunning gelatin silver print by renowned photographer Herb Ritts is making waves at the ongoing auction on Christie's. Titled "Antonio Rossi I, Miami 1997," this captivating piece showcases Ritts' mastery in capturing the essence of his subjects. Measuring 16 x 14⅝ inches and mounted on board, the print is signed, titled, and dated with the photographer's copyright credit stamp. Notably, it bears the inscription "Gift print to Elton John" on the verso.

As bidders vie for this remarkable artwork, its latest bid has reached an impressive $13,000. With 46 bids counted so far, anticipation remains high as collectors recognize the significant value and artistic merit of Ritts' work. If you're seeking a timeless masterpiece that art enthusiasts will cherish for years to come, this auction is not to be missed.

Scheduled to end on February 28, 2024, this exclusive event hosted by Christie's offers a prime opportunity for art lovers and investors alike to acquire a true gem from an iconic artist like Herb Ritts. Don't miss your chance to make your mark in the art world – place your bid today and secure this extraordinary piece for yourself or your collection.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, "Antonio Rossi I" represents a captivating moment frozen in time. The gelatin silver print technique employed by Ritts adds depth and richness to the image while emphasizing every intricate detail captured within. Measuring 19¾ x 15⅝ inches (50.1 x 39.6 cm), with the mount extending its dimensions to 21¼ x 17¼ inches (53.9 x 43.8 cm), this artwork commands attention wherever it is displayed.

From museums to private collections, Ritts' work continues to captivate and inspire viewers worldwide. His artistry transcends generations, fostering a timeless connection that resonates with inpiduals from all walks of life. As the bid count rises, it's evident that "Antonio Rossi I" is eliciting intrigue and fascination from potential buyers who recognize the profound impact Ritts has made on the world of photography.

If you're eager to own a piece of artistic history, act swiftly to secure this outstanding gelatin silver print by herculean photographer Herb Ritts. With its commanding presence and undeniable allure, "Antonio Rossi I" will undoubtedly elevate any collection or space lucky enough to house it. Join the bidding frenzy at Christie's today and embark on your journey towards acquiring a treasure that embodies the mastery of one of photography's most celebrated artists.

HERB RITTS (1952–2002) | Antonio Rossi I, Miami 1997

Platform : Christie's

Latest Bid : $13,000

Number of Bids : 46

Auction End : Feb 28, 2024

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Source : Christie's

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