Current Bid of HK$120,000 on Sotheby's for Tired Water Lilies Artwork

Current Bid of HK$120,000 on Sotheby's for Tired Water Lilies Artwork

A stunning artwork titled "Tired Water Lilies | 疲倦的睡蓮" by Gioele Amaro is currently up for auction on Sotheby's. The ink and varnish on canvas piece, measuring 116 by 89 cm (45⅝ by 35 in), showcases the artist's talent and creativity.

The artwork, created in 2021 and signed by the artist on the reverse, is in excellent condition. It features a unique blend of colors and textures that bring the water lilies to life. The delicate strokes and use of ink highlight the artist's skill in capturing nature's beauty.

With a rich provenance, including HdM Gallery in Beijing, this artwork has been admired by art enthusiasts. The current owner acquired it from the aforementioned gallery. Additionally, it was exhibited at Shenyang's 1905 Creative Culture Park as part of HdM Gallery's "Shade and Shadow" exhibition in May - June 2022.

As of now, there has been one bid on this incredible piece, bringing the current bid to HK$120,000. However, with its exceptional artistic value and eye-catching appeal, it is anticipated that more bids will follow before the auction ends on February 27, 2024.

Art collectors and connoisseurs who appreciate contemporary artwork with a touch of traditional Chinese influence will find this painting intriguing. Its captivating depiction of tired water lilies evokes a sense of tranquility and connects viewers with the natural world.

Overall, this exquisite artwork "Tired Water Lilies | 疲倦的睡蓮" presents an opportunity to own an exceptional piece by Gioele Amaro. With its strong visual impact and cultural significance, it promises to be a valuable addition to any art collection. Interested bidders should visit the Sotheby's website for more information and to participate in the auction.

Tired Water Lilies | 疲倦的睡蓮

Platform : Sotheby's

Latest Bid : HK$120,000

Number of Bids : 1

Auction End : Feb 27, 2024

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Source : Sotheby's

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