Current Bid of 65,000 kr for Josef Frank's Corrugated Cabinet at Bukowskis Auction

Current Bid of 65,000 kr for Josef Frank's Corrugated Cabinet at Bukowskis Auction

At the ongoing auction hosted by Bukowskis, a highly sought-after item is catching the attention of design enthusiasts. The Josef Frank cabinet, numbered 2192 and known as the "Corrugated Cabinet," is up for bidding. Manufactured by Svenskt Tenn in Sweden after 1985, this stunning piece features a sleek black lacquer exterior and a mahogany veneer interior with two adjustable shelves. Resting on a solid mahogany base, this cabinet stands at an impressive height of 125 cm with a width of 80 cm and depth of 38 cm. A key is included to secure its contents.

With an enduring appeal that transcends time, this exquisite cabinet showcases Josef Frank's mastery of design. Known for his unique blend of functionalism and elegance, Frank's creations continue to captivate collectors worldwide. Despite minor wear and marks indicative of its age, this piece retains its allure and charm.

Currently, the latest bid stands at an impressive 65,000 kr. This bid exemplifies the appreciation for Josef Frank's exceptional craftsmanship and the enduring value his designs hold in the minds of discerning buyers. With six bids already placed on this captivating piece, it is clear that it has piqued the interest of many.

However, there is still time to participate in this remarkable auction as it will conclude on February 18, 2024. Those eager to own a piece from the renowned designer have an opportunity to become proud owners of the Corrugated Cabinet by placing their bids before the closing date.

Bukowskis Auction House provides a platform for both established collectors and newcomers alike to acquire extraordinary pieces like this Josef Frank cabinet. Renowned for their expertise in curating exceptional auctions featuring fine art and design objects from around the world, Bukowskis ensures a seamless and secure bidding experience for all participants.

As the bidding continues, the world eagerly awaits to see who will emerge as the rightful owner of this remarkable piece by Josef Frank. Will the current bid of 65,000 kr hold firm, or will there be a captivating twist in this auction's tale? Only time will tell who secures this extraordinary cabinet and fulfills their desire for timeless design.

Josef Frank

Platform : Bukowskis

Latest Bid : 65,000 kr

Number of Bids : 6

Auction End : Feb 18, 2024

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Source : Bukowskis

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