Current Bid of 25,000 kr Placed on Inge Schiöler's "Blommor vid förnstret" at Bukowskis Auction

Current Bid of 25,000 kr Placed on Inge Schiöler's "Blommor vid förnstret" at Bukowskis Auction

Inge Schiöler's stunning artwork, titled "Blommor vid förnstret," is currently up for auction at Bukowskis. This captivating piece, created in 1963, features vibrant pastel colors on paper and measures 56 x 63 cm. Signed and dated by the artist, it showcases Schiöler's exceptional talent and artistic vision.

As of now, the latest bid stands at an impressive 25,000 kr. Although there have been no other bids yet, this exquisite artwork is expected to attract considerable attention from art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

"Bukowskis," a renowned auction house known for its exceptional selection of fine art pieces, is hosting the auction for this remarkable Inge Schiöler creation. With a reputation for curating extraordinary artworks, Bukowskis provides a platform for both seasoned collectors and those new to the art world to engage with exceptional pieces like "Blommor vid förnstret."

This piece remains in its frame and has not been examined outside of it. However, even within its current presentation, it exudes charm and allure. The delicate strokes and rich hues expertly capture the essence of flowers against a windowpane.

Art enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the auction's end on March 10th, 2024 when the final price will be determined. With its unique beauty and historical significance as an artwork from Inge Schiöler herself, "Blommor vid förnstret" is sure to become a coveted addition to any discerning collector's portfolio.

Overall, this exquisite piece by Inge Schiöler captures nature's splendor with finesse and grace. Its presence at the prestigious Bukowskis auction evokes excitement among art enthusiasts, who eagerly await the final bidding moments. With the current bid of 25,000 kr, this artwork holds great potential to become a cherished possession for one lucky collector.

Inge Schiöler

Platform : Bukowskis

Latest Bid : 25,000 kr

Auction End : Mar 10, 2024

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Source : Bukowskis

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